Everything you need to be UPRIGHT


Track, train and improve your posture for sustainable back health with this tiny habit-forming wearable.

Winner of “Health and Wellbeing Tech of the Year”, Wareable Tech Awards 2017.

Includes free US delivery, 30 day money back guarantee & 1 year warranty

Extra adhesive pack

For long-lasting posture perfection, buy your additional adhesives for the UPRIGHT GO.

Includes free US delivery

UPRIGHT NECKLACE – A new way to wear your GO device

The UPRIGHT NECKLACE is a game-changing accessory that gives you the option to wear your GO device without adhesives. Made of lightweight silicone, it connects quickly and easily to your device and holds it securely in place using magnets. The necklace is designed with sustainability in mind, so you need never worry about running out of adhesives.

Includes free US delivery

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