The Benefits of
Upright Posture

Look and Feel Better Than Ever

Change your whole appearance – just by being upright.

An upright body makes you look taller and slimmer. Think about it: slouching lets your stomach hang out and look bigger than it actually is. Standing and sitting with upright posture pulls it all in, giving you the appearance of being inches taller and up to 10 pounds lighter!

Get Ready to Take on the World

Build confidence naturally by stimulating your biochemistry

Real-time posture feedback trains your body to adopt upright posture naturally. With better body awareness you can break harmful slouching habits. An upright posture boosts testosterone production and lowers cortisol levels in the body, making you feel ready to take on any challenge.

Make Your First Impressions Count

Show the best side of yourself, and maximize your opportunities in life.

Improving your posture can dramatically change your outcomes in life. People are impressed by someone who presents themselves as upright and capable. Good posture habits help you get noticed, and make you appear more open, capable and enthusiastic – ready for new opportunities.

Reduce Stress, Grow in Mindfulness

Bring more calm into your daily routine by tuning into your body.

It’s been proven that how you hold your body affects your mood. The body language of a stressed out person looks different than someone at ease. Thankfully, you can change the course of your day simply by sitting upright. taking a deep breath and becoming more aware of your body.

Boost Work Productivity and Success in Life

Get more done, in less time, with quality results

Do better in the areas of life that matter the most to you. Upright posture helps you breathe deeper and more easily, sending more oxygen to your brain, and enabling you to stay sharp and focused. All of these physical changes improve your thinking and mental clarity, which can make you more effective in the tasks at hand.

Enhance Your Vitality, Strength and Energy

Relieve pressure and strain on your back.

Sitting or standing in a slouched position for long periods of time can put unnatural strain on your back, especially if you are mostly inactive during the workday. Developing posture awareness can help balance your body alignment while preventing pain and discomfort.

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